Picture of myselfRon has been passionate about composing and producing music since his early teens. After studying classical and rock guitar styles for ten years, and honing his skills as a songwriter and recording engineer, he fronted the Virginia-based modern rock band Years. Gaining much experience as a singer / songwriter / musician, his passion then evolved to music for motion picture.

Combining layered pop song techniques with the orchestral pallet, Ron has developed a hybrid orchestral style ideally suited for film, tv, and game soundtracks. Ron's ambition is to work with film directors and game developers to enhance visual media with the perfect music.

Ron's music has been featured on major television networks  including: Bravo, Destination America, Discovery, Golf, History, H2, NBC Sports, and TLC.

info@ronlouquemusic.com | (434) 825-0434 | Tampa, FL 33547